FaL-G Techonnology : Superior Fly Ash Brick

FaL-G is a technological renaissance of the age-old pozzolanic chemistry proven for its strength and durability. FaL-G is a ground blend of fly ash (Fa), lime (L) and Gypsum (G) in suitable proportions which, upon hydration, yields strengths in the range of 60 - 300 kg/cm2, rendering a totally water impervious hard matrix, with the formation of mineralogical phases during hydration similar to those of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). The proportions of lime and gypsum are dependant upon the chemical constituents and the behaviour of fly ash. The technology is thus custom built, with process parameters to yield a product of superior technical virtues. 

   Whenever lime is in short supply, Portland cement can be used as source of lime. Thus this technology can be practiced both in lime route and cement route without disturbing the ultimate technical parameters and economics.

Code:Complies with BIS : 12894 - 2002
Soundness:Le Chatelier method, vide Clause 5.1 of 
BIS : 4031 - 1968 (Methods of Physical test for 
hydraulic Cement) 

Boiling Water expansion : FaL- G :  2 mm 
                            Code (Max) : 10 mm 

Thermal Impact:

Strength Kg/cm2
Strength fall %
Grade Strength
at 200 deg C
at 600 deg C

Even at elevated temperatures, the strength is maintained for use as Bricks.

Drying Shrinkage : 
Clause No. 12 of BIS : 4031 - 1968 (Physical test for Hydraulic Cement)

                                       FaL - G : 0.08 % to 0.11 %
                                          Code : 0.15 %

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