Our Products

Your search for environment friendly bricks for your green building ends here.

Puzzolana flyash bricks are non-fired and manufactured using more than 75% recycled materials. Hence our fly-ash  bricks are specially suited for developers of Green Buildings/LEED Projects requiring eco-friendly, green products for construction.


We put your goals first and manufacture Fly Ash Bricks as per LEED’s, IGBC’s and TERI Greah norms, to help you gain as many points as possible.


Our Fly ash bricks are the best flyash bricks available in the Delhi NCR market currently. No other brick compares with our bricks in compressive strength and uniformity of shape and size. 

Moreover our bricks have standard frog which is essential  for bonding / strength of walls.

We manufacture two categories of fly ash bricks:

PuzzoBrick 75  having a compressive strength of above 75 Kg/ sq. cm and 

PuzzoBrick 100 having a compressive strength of above 100 Kg/ sq. cm.

Our fly ash bricks are readily available in the following sizes:

a)      230 x 110 x 70 (mm)

b)      190 x  90  x 90 (mm)

We can further produce produce bricks as per the client requirements on bulk orders.

All our bricks are manufactured as per IS: 12894-2002 specifications.